First time flying in a helicopter and want to know what to expect? Well, it is Amazing! 

Riding a helicopter is an experience like no other. We fly at 500 feet above the ground, offering up a unique perspective of the beautiful Miami architechture and famous Miami landmarks. A tour helicopter like ours is the perfect aircraft for any passenger, especially first time flyers! There are many different tour options and lengths to choose from, and there is sure to be something to fit your preference and budget!

Our tour helicopter for your miami helicopter ride is a 4 seat Robinson R44 Helicopter. This allows for the best scenic view of miami and south beach. This aicraft is an even better alternative to any other Miami air tour because it allows each passenger to have a window seat! We dont make anyone cram into an unwanted middle seat where they would have an obstructed view. 

Wondering what to wear? We reccomend wearing a comfortable outfit, however it is not everyday that you get to be around helicopters, so if you want to dress up for that special photo opportunity, by all means, be our guest! Speaking of photos, we reccomend you bring your phone or camera along for the ride as there will be plenty of things along the way to photograph!

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